Pim Vrakking Animation - Editing - Visual Effects
Stan is Dino: De Stoomtrein Technique: 3D Animation Like a lot of 3D courses, one of the first assignments was to make a steam train. The second assignment was to make an animation in which the train gets derailed. You were free to choose the cause. Earlier that year I had made a dinosaur character based on some weird sounds one of my friends made. Because I quickly got attached to the character, I decided to make him the cause of the derailing of my train. The teacher was very surprised I wanted to create and animate a character in 3D and originally was against it, because rigging and modeling was planned for the schoolyear thereafter. I hardheadedly continued making my character and actually animated it using modifiers instead of actually making a bone structure for the character. The train stays bound to the rails by connecting it to a path in the rails themselves. However, when disconnecting the train from the path so it could derail, the components of the train went all over the place. Because of time constraints I was forced to solve this problem on my own. In the end I was able to help a lot of classmates with this very same problem. My solution: have two identical trains in the scene of which one is always out of frame. When the train had to derail I quickly switch out the rail bound train with the movable train. While it Is quite the unorthodox solution, I was still able to finish the assignment on time.