Pim Vrakking Animation - Editing - Visual Effects
Splatshine Fan Animated: Octo-Petey Technique: 2D animation On YouTube there’s a group of artists that make hypothetical concept-art of different Nintendo games. In February of 2016, one of them said “Somebody animate that…” about an idea they had for a scene in the hypothetical game. When I heard those words, I felt compelled to actually animate their idea. I replayed the video and made notes on the idea and started storyboarding the whole thing. Not completely surprising, the project was a lot more work than I had initially planned. I began making a rough soundscape to animate to, after which I made an animatic, went on to key-animation and in-betweens and lastly the painstaking process of adding shadows and shading. Not only was there a lot to do, I also wanted to do it as fast as possible. I figured more people would’ve taken up the challenge of animating their idea, but in the end it seems only I was crazy enough to actually fully animate the scene. My work, however, did not go unappreciated. The artists in the group individually thanked me for realizing their idea in both the YouTube comments and on Twitter.