Pim Vrakking Animation - Editing - Visual Effects
Louis van der Kallen and the Revenge of Dr. Horsemeat Technique: Pixilation For the Pixiliation course, a video had to be made that made use of the pixilation technique. It also had to be a story that took advantage of the technique. Because the teacher had been absent for a few weeks, my group and me forgot to actually write a story. During the lesson we had to present our stories to the class, we quickly whipped up a story out of some key words we had written down earlier. Those words were: ‘horse mask’, ‘hamburgers’ and ‘Louis van der Kallen’. Together with my teammates we wrote a story about a hamburger chef that used horsemeat and a horseman that took revenge. Based on our story, I drew a storyboard which finalized the ideas we had and also got a visual direction for the video. Most effects in the video come from a vector particle effects pack that we modified to work in the video. With these effects, we wanted to accentuate the weird and wacky situations in the video. The effect of Louis first attack has been custom made by me, because we couldn’t find a fitting effect in the particle pack. Next to the credits there’s a short making-of, with footage from the day of the shoot. Early in the morning we traveled off to Zevenaar to shoot the video on site.