Pim Vrakking Animation - Editing - Visual Effects
De Tafel van 7 Technique: 2D Animation This is an animation made for Scope: Expertisecentrum Hoogbegaafdheid. For the course ‘Bureau’ we had to form groups and work for external clients to get acquainted with the industry. The ‘bureau’ I was a part of was called Scradle and consists of: Stan Joosten, Giovanni van Duuren, Wessel Pieterse, Max Schoonewelle and myself. Our first assignment consisted of making animated videos that would teach math tables in the form of a story. The demographic were gifted children that ‘think in images’. Because we were not very knowledgeable in the demographic, we closely worked together with the client wo was a self-proclaimed expert on the subject. After the storyline and storyboards were checked and approved, we decided 2D animation would be the best choice for this project. Together with teammates Stan and Max I would animate the video, while the remaining Scradle members would put their focus on sound, editing and coloring. The study we follow is very broad and because of this Stan and Max were not too familiar with 2D animation. The first few weeks I tried to teach them animation principles and techniques to the best of my ability, while also giving a much needed tutorial on the software we were going to use: Adobe Flash. All the designs were made to accommodate the skill levels of Max and Stan. During the animation process, I spent more time on troubleshooting and helping my teammates than actually animating the video, but it think it was worth it because we finished the assignment and my friends had learned something new. The biggest learning point of this project wasn’t the animation however, it was getting used to working with a client and adjusting to their needs.