Pim Vrakking Animation - Editing - Visual Effects
Dancing Duck Techniek: 3D Animation, Compositing After all the 3D courses in which the basics of the software and techniques were taught, the last assignment was to think of your own project in which you used 3D animation. The teacher would check this project and give you a go or no go based on the difficulty and amount of work versus the time left. Originally I wanted to use my Stan is Dino character again and composite him into filmed footage. He would interact with a friend in the footage. Unfortunately, the original 3D model was unfit for receiving a bone system and rigging. I struggled a lot and tried everything in my power, but it was to no avail: the model was unusable. There were four days left until the assignment had to be turned in and I still had nothing. I had to suck it up and scrap the idea with Stan the Dino. Because there was less than a week left, I thought of a new, simpler character, that could easily be rigged. After a few sleepless nights and a lot of hard work, I finished the video of the dancing duck. And while it wasn’t Stan the Dino, I still prevailed in compositing a CG character into filmed footage.