Pim Vrakking Animation - Editing - Visual Effects
Amnesty International Commercial Technique: 2D Animation Music by: Tim Blankenstein This is a hypothetical animated commercial for Amnesty International. This, again, was an assignment for my study. One of my friends came with the concept idea in the second or third week of the project. After discussing it, we made the concept definitive and had written down a concise story for the video. Normally I draw the storyboards myself, but to give room for someone else’s creativity I let my friend Stan draw it. I, on the other hand, made some concept sketches that would be heavily used as inspiration for the final video. In an earlier project I had taught Stan the basics of Adobe Flash. However, I was unhappy with the inconsistent look of the characters in that video. To remedy this, I decided to not divide the video by scene, but instead draw all the keyframes myself, while Stan drew the in-betweens. Only a few scenes were completely done by me. While the consistency problem was fixed, this solution put a lot more pressure on me. The music has been custom made by Tim Blankenstein. In a mere 48 hours of receiving the final cut of the animation, he wrote and recorded the music. He also picked up the tone and mood of the video without any direction from me or Stan, which was a real surprise. Without the music, this video wouldn’t have been the way it is now. The end result is something I am incredibly proud of, even though it is far from perfect. While the video itself is nothing to scoff at, I am more proud of the things I learned along the way.